Innovation Executive & Researcher


Jeffrey Aguy researches innovation, develops innovators, and implements large scale innovation in public and private institutions. He is often referred to as Jeff The Innovator.

Jeff has coached and consulted with individuals and organizations in a variety of industries including: Corporate, Small Business, Healthcare, Law, Banking, Higher Education,  Legacy Organizations, Non-Profit/ NGO's,  as well as Domestic & International Governments. He has a passion for solving complex organizational problems, engaging underserved communities, and giving back to students of all ages.


Pricing & Services

Our team offers competitive Executive Coaching rates for C-Suite Executives, Non-Profit Leaders, Community Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Consulting Services for Public and Private Sectors.

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Philosophy & Values

We believe empathy is at the foundation of authentic relationships. We believe honoring our differences makes us stronger. We believe all people have the capacity to learn, grown, and become a better version of who they were yesterday. 

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The Innovator's Toolbox

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our page: 'The Innovator's Toolbox".  Jeff's blog with topics on the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy and urban & millennial culture.  

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